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God's Hope Floats


Friends, it is a little TOO easy to relate to the familiar Noah’s Ark story of Genesis.  However, teaching it to a multi-aged class this Sunday taught me something new.  Noah put his reminder on the ground where he would be able to touch it and to remember that even a seemingly forever-flood comes to an end.  

Faithfulness means remembering that God is with us.  God put a reminder in the sky where we can remember to look up, to look around, and to remember that God’s love cannot be overcome by any kind of flood, fears, or sorrow.  It had not occurred to me, until today, that we need to build a reminder for ourselves, too. Like Noah, we know that these days will seem far away by next year.  However, we need to remember that isolation, fear, and tiredness do not last forever; God has set a promise in the sky.  

So, I encourage our families to build a touchstone in your house or garden to remind us that God’s hope floats.  You might read the God’s Hope Floats story of Noah from our website and write  what you learned on the stones.  

  • What do you want to set aside for yourself in the future? 
  • What will help you see hope the next time you feel isolated, afraid, and overwhelmed? 
  • What will you say to yourself to remember to look up? 

The next challenge may not be a pandemic requiring 40 days and nights of isolation, but remember that God will be with us then, too.  God is and was and will be. 




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